Network Connectivity Solutions

Enterprise IT Maintenance Solutions

Enterprise Virtualization Solutions

Enterprise Network Connectivity

PROX Network can provide you with better enterprise Network connection experience and improve your internal Network security and stability. High-speed and stable enterprise network can not only improve your work efficiency but also help you to improve the corporate image and better manage your business.

Enterprise IT Maintenance

PROX enterprise server operation and maintenance solution can provide you with a better daily IT operation and maintenance experience, and you can maximize your business without additional hardware and human costs. Our experts can deliver complete personalized active support for you, ensuring that your business runs smoothly, effectively supports your specific IT environment, and delivers targeted business results.

Enterprise Virtualization

The PROX enterprise desktop virtualization solution helps your enterprise maximize the hardware investments by consolidating most of their computing into data centers and allows organizations to provide low-cost computers and devices to end-users since most intensive computing is done in data centers. By minimizing the computing needs of end-users for endpoint devices, IT departments can save money by purchasing lower-cost computers.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

PROX Cloud provides you with a hybrid Cloud solution for IaaS or PaaS based on a private or public Cloud architecture. We can help you move from your current architecture to the cloud, or continue to build your business in the cloud.

Digital Asset Management

PROX can provide you with customized digital asset management solutions that meet your business needs and help you secure your digital assets while facing digital challenges.

System Integration

The PROX system integration solution can provide the integration and connection of various systems with an optimized integrated design based on your requirements. With PROX vBridge, you can easily access other system platforms to achieve unified authentication and help you better manage your information rights.

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