We are the leading digital content deliverer.

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We are the leading digital content deliverer in the Maritimes

PROX Tech LTD. is the leading digital content delivery provider in the Maritimes. We can provide you with professional customized digital content delivery solutions. PROX Tech LTD. uses industry-leading development technology, which can provide you with a series of development services such as business official website design, interactive website design, WeChat official platform development. Besides, we can provide you with enterprise network planning, maintenance, and Wi-Fi solutions; IT technical support, enterprise SD-WAN and cross-border dedicated line, hybrid cloud computing services. PROX Tech is committed to helping customers maximize the market based on digital content, promote their business image and services, and help you be in the first echelon of digital construction in the industry.
Official Website Development
Application Development
Digital Interactive Solutions
WeChat Development
Enterprise Network Solutions
IT and Cloud Solutions

Service Flow

PROX Tech LTD. provides you with a standard process development model to help you better define your requirements and manage your projects, and ensures the quality of the projects.
  • 1
    Requirements Analysis

    PROX Tech customer representatives will contact the customer and discuss the project requirements and objectives with the customer. At the same time, PROX Tech engineers will give customer base advices and competitive research recommendations.

  • 2
    Project Development

    According to the plan made in the early stage, the professional designer and technology development team of PROX Tech LTD. will cooperate with the customer to realize the visual design and functional development required by the project to meet the customer's needs.

  • 3
    Customer Demonstration

    After the project function development is completed, PROX Tech LTD. will organize a customer acceptance demonstration. Customer representatives and engineers will demonstrate the completed development project for users and modify it according to customer comments.

  • 4
    Online Delivery

    After the customer acceptance demonstration is passed, the PROX Tech LTD. operations and maintenance engineer will arrange the project delivery for formal deployment and launch. At the same time, PROX Tech will provide maintenance and hosting support based on the contract.

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